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Friday, March 16, 2018

This Week in Review - March 12 - 16

                This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

This was an incredibly busy week, but we got a lot done and some projects are winding down. In math, we spent our non-workbook time having a wonderful time with pi. We are building a pi chain, and hope to eventually represent the first 1,000 digits. Children now have good understanding of mathematical terms like circumference and diameter. 

Next week, all tiny houses will be going home!

EB’s finished up on Thursday - children in It’s Dahlicious made soup that could turn witches into mice (The Witches) and went to the Inventing Room to make lickable wallpaper (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). No matter what EB the students signed up for, the reports were extremely positive, and they are already looking forward to the next go-round - in May.

Thursday was “Catch-up Day”, and we finished some of our city projects. Skyscraper art/poems now hang on our walls, and city parks are pretty much done. 

Our literacy routines continued with library time with Rachel, memory page writing (which had been rather neglected, I’m afraid), special readers  - Mila and August this week, spelling, and handwriting practice. The Vanderbeekers seems to be a class favorite, and I read it at different times of day.

Friday afternoon was super fun and busy with our 1st/2nd grade buddies in Grace’s class. Our City Planners are working to build a big cooperative city, as you may remember - each child contributing one building of their choice. Some children are still planning, but most have gotten a really good start on the actual construction part using lots of cardboard, glue, and tape. Lots and lots of tape!

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