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Friday, February 9, 2018

This Week in Review - February 5 - 9

This information will be found in Walter's weekly email:

Preparations were made this week for our turn at leading morning meeting on Friday. We wanted to 
send our entire school community off to mid-winter break with hearts full of love and positive affirmations.
We made lots of colorful origami hearts, chose sweet and powerful messages to write on each one, and 
practiced "the secret of the heart chamber" meditation to share with others. 

The first 100 ready to go (putting in groups of 10 made counting very easy!)
Because of unexpected bad weather, we did not have school on Friday, the 9th, - and so will save this 
for another time.

Our usual routines included spelling-go-round, special readers (Miles and Ian - his first time!), poetry 
recital, and library time with our heart-of-hearts valentine, Rachel. We are loving our chapter book, The 
Cricket in Times Square, and read it whenever we get a chance.

The children had such fun creating beautiful valentine collection boxes on Thursday. We will exchange 
valentines when we return from mid-winter break. Our special skating trip at Buhr Park will be 
rescheduled - Karen will be sure to let us know when that will happen.

Also we we get back, it will be quite near the 100th day of school. Children have been counting cans
and making tally marks. We hope that we can make 100 by the 28th of February! Food will be
donated to a city food pantry.

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