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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly Update - January 22 - 25

This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

This week in math, we continued with our tiny house project, as well as work with a fun book, Spaghetti 
and Meatballs for All. In both cases, the emphasis was hands-on fun practicing area, perimeter, and 

Our city theme is going well! Rachel, our librarian, talked about favorite parts of cities with the children, 
and we found out that Rachel and I share a favorite thing about Ann Arbor – our lovely farmers market. 
She read farmers market poems to celebrate this important feature.
We are making good progress on our chapter book, Cricket in Times Square. Mario, our protagonist, 
has just visited New York’s Chinatown, and some of the children shared about their visits to other 
Chinatowns in various other cities. On Thursday afternoon, this led to a writing/baking activity as we 
wrote fortunes and made fortune cookies!

Mia and Mila were our Special Readers this week - it is always a treat to listen to such accomplished 
readers. Mila read a few chapters from a wonderful chapter book, while Mia shared a longer picture 
book, perfect for our current theme - Make Way for Ducklings. This takes place in a city near and dear t
my heart - Boston. On Thursday morning, we visited Wild Swan Theater to see their production of 
Frog and Toad. We read some Frog and Toad stories, too – such sweet things! It was a nice treat to 
end our short(er) week.

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