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Thursday, December 21, 2017

This Week in Review - December 18 - 21

This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

This was a short and sweet (in every sense of the word) week! We ended the week on a sugar rush by decorating our little “gingerbread” houses with lots of candy and frosting - but before we did that, we had made lots of sweet memories.

In math, we learned a magic trick that will help us practice a really important skill - the “make 10”. We also made good and steady progress in our SIngapore math books. Some children are really close to getting into their next set of books, and will be ready for assessments after Winter Break.

We finished The BFG! This book by Roald Dahl was even more popular than Matilda, given the positive reviews written by the children. We had a couple days left before break - not long enough to start another big chapter book - so I read one of Dahl’s small ones, The Magic Finger. We also heard from August as Special Reader on Wednesday (excellent, as always), and Rachel read several Hanukkah stories at library time.

Manja, Nels’s mom, came in on Tuesday morning to share a Swedish tradition - making Swedish Christmas crackers. We filled ours with scented pens - normally they would be filled with a peppermint stick. The children loved this craft.

Not only was Thursday Pajama Day, but we also counted all of the pajamas we collected for SafeHouse in Ann Arbor, and celebrated our success with the entire K-2 team of do-gooders. These pajamas will be donated right after the holidays - many thanks to our classroom families. We collected a total of 28 pairs!

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