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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Winning Raptor Is ...

We had a big decision to make today! Our bake sale was a HUGE success, and we knew we had enough funds to sponsor a raptor at the Leslie Science and Nature Center. Several children wanted to get up and give impassioned mini-speeches about their choices. It really came down to two favorites - the Eastern Screech Owl (pluses: cuteness, there are more than one, and yes, they are very cute) and the American Kestrel (pluses: it doesn't attack people and Dillon thinks it is cool so it must be cool). Total vote tallies - Eastern Screech Owl: 7 American Kestrel: 4.

But, surprise! We raised enough money to sponsor TWO raptors! I emailed the information today, and we are all set. We will visit "our" birds at LSNC in the spring to make sure they are doing well.

  • Feeding and caring for the birds of prey
  • Providing medical treatment for the birds of prey when needed
  • Conducting training of both birds and staff
  • Defraying costs for schools that cannot afford educational programs otherwise
  • Inspiring visitors and community through educational programs
And we will receive by mail:
  • A certificate recognizing our adoption
  • A color photograph of the birds we adopted
  • A biography of the birds we adopted
  • A fact sheet about the species of the birds we adopted
  • An Adopt-A-Raptor bumper sticker
  • Our school name displayed on the enclosure of our adopted birds

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