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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Project Based Learning - Striving for Excellence - Friday Morning Meeting

On Friday morning, our class will do a brief introduction to the raptors at the Leslie Science and Nature Center. There are currently 10 different types of raptors there, although there may be more than one of a specific type (2 turkey vultures, for example).  Since there are currently 10 children in the class, that made it quite easy for us to divide the workload - each child is learning about one raptor, and will talk to the rest of the school about why that raptor ended up at the LSNC.

This week, the students are making very careful scientific drawings of their raptor. These will be presented at the meeting. We wanted these to be quality work - not just quick sketches or cartoon animals. On Monday, therefore, we watched a video that S-K faculty watched this summer. It talks about how to build excellence, and how children can critique their classmates' work.  Here is the video for your enjoyment - it is really worth watching (you will have to go to the blog directly, I think).

 It completely changed the way my students worked today - they eagerly made multiple drafts, and are anxious to make more. They asked for and kindly gave feedback. They accepted good feedback with nodding, and "thank you, I'll try that!" 

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Jonathan Potter said...

Great video. What a constructive approach to feedback! Thank you SK teachers for encouraging a growth mindset.