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Friday, October 27, 2017

Weekly Update - October 23 - 27

                                         This information also found in Walter's weekly email:

This week in my math group, we finished up those spicy place value riddles and are now on to some 100 grid activities. There are so many things you can do to stretch your brain with this valuable tool! We are up to the 100 billions place in our growing place value game, and continue our progress in our Singapore math books.

We are nearing the end of Matilda, and continue working on our memory pages and poetry anthologies. Our penultimate EB was this week - so very sad to see this short session come to an end on Monday! Here are some of the very cool mazes the children made in the aMAZEing mazes EB on Thursday with WikiStiks and CD cases. We also made labyrinths using colored sand. 

Lexi and Dillon were our special readers this week, and did a lovely job as usual. 

In Shan's science lab, we had fun with a spooky STEM engineering challenge - building creature catchers with string and pipe cleaners. Our in-room science project about germs has been a bit surprising, as the bread just doesn't seem to want to grow as much mold as one would think! 

The control, the bread handled with washed hands, and the bread handled with germ-y hands - all after 4 weeks.
The worms in the composting station are doing well, though, and are enjoying the leftover snacks we feed them. 

We were inspired by the mapping activity we did at Howell Nature Center last week, and did another one with a Dexter Village map (where I live). 

This is a good jumping off point to a big mapping project we will start soon for our identity project  - stay tuned for details!

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