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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekly Update - October 16 - 20

                                This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

A couple of special events happened, which made the week seem more whirlwind than usual. On Thursday, both first and second grade classes went to the Wild Swan Theater to see their production of Strega Nona.

I also shared a special Strega Nona book in celebration of my upcoming birthday, as is our tradition, and signed a dedication page to my sweet class of children.

Our second very special event this week was our annual trip to Howell Nature Center on Friday. This all-day jam-packed day is always full of adventures. Our group signed up for canoeing, maps, zip-lining, and something called "animal architects".  

It was chilly in the morning as we headed off in our canoes, but soon warmed up.

Map reading skills were learned and practiced - we will continue this learning in the classroom.

Sophia is ready to zip!
And here she comes!

Our more usual happenings included math time, where we puzzled over tricky base 10 riddles, our third EB, excellent progress on our chapter book, Matilda (OH! that Trunchbull is a nasty one!), handwriting practice and poetry reading. Science time with Shan was all about doing our "Tree of Genetic Traits". Could we taste the chemical on PTC paper? Roll our tongue? Are our earlobes attached or free? We wrote our answers in an interesting way, on leaves, and will graph our answers on a tree!

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