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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fairy Tale Feast EB - Fee Fi Foe FUM

Today, in Susan's and Elaine's Fairy Tale Feast EB, all 16 children were ready for dinner. So far, we have all enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and soup (well, this one not so much, except for the homemade butter). After today, only dessert remains. On the final day, we will make our recipe book.

Elaine started off by reading a really unique and lovely version of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. There are so many variations of the Jack story - from the super silly to the downright scary. This one was a nice mix of slightly creepy illustrations and a nice warm ending.

For dinner, we made "magic beans" of course. Part of the magic came in the stirring. Each child had to stir all the ingredients exactly 10 times, eyes closed, while making their most secret wish. Will it come true? Time will tell.

After cooking, the table was set, and we got a brief tutorial on how to make a light and simple dessert - our golden eggs. We took regular plastic eggs and scooped (gluten free, allergen free) cereal in, and then wrapped them in special golden foil. This took a bit of measuring and cutting, but it was pretty quick work. Which was good, because we were hungry, and the beans were ready!

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