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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week in Review - February 27 - March 3

This information also found in Walter's weekly email:

In math, students are learning different ways to visualize and articulate what multiplication really is, and we started writing our own "How to Multiply" book. We also learned a new game called "Close to 100", which brings in arrays, strategy, and a little luck. 

We celebrated the 100th day of school in a couple ways - a fun writing project using a prompt of each child's photograph, aged to look like they were 100 years old, and counting the donations for our food drive, to see if we made our goal of 100 cans. (Spoiler: we did.)

A quick trip to the library early Wednesday was a pretty perfect way to spend a dreary morning. The Spring session of EBs started this week, which is an exciting thing for both students and teachers. Students are learning about toy making, solving crimes using CSI techniques, and making fresh pasta. 

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