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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sometimes We Go to the Library, Sometimes the Library Comes to Us!

This morning we hosted a very special guest. Allison from the Ann Arbor District Library came for a visit as a follow-up to our tour of the West Gate Branch a couple months ago. She brought some new book titles for us to drool over, as well as some science/music kits for us to examine. The library is certainly not just about books anymore!

She also led us in a wonderful participatory story. The children loved her coming, and demonstrated excellent host manners.

We have visited nearly all of the branches of the AADL this year; we have yet to go to the Main Branch. We will soon, though. The AADL is such a valuable resource for our community. We are so lucky to have an award winning library in our town. I hope you can take advantage of the many learning opportunities it provides - check on line for all of their programs.

Many thanks to Allison, and to Kelsey for setting this up. Come back anytime!

Dinosaur models!

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