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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Special Readers, Extended

Sometimes "Special Readers" goes really, really well. For instance, the book you share may be in demand for others to look at later on in the day. Or you could start a trend - for instance, last year our class got hooked on "choose your own adventure" stories, completely due to a child reading them aloud. Perhaps you introduce an entirely new genre to your buddies - poetry books, or wordless books, or joke books.

Today, we heard a few chapters from Dog Man, by Dav Pilkey. These books have been read by a couple students, and they are a big hit. But while the books are funny to listen to, the comic book format sometimes makes it a bit hard for the children to see all the details in the illustrations. At quiet reading time, the book was taken out again, and Leland agreed to read some more.

You can see that he had an appreciative and captive audience. This picture makes my heart hurt a little bit, they are all so cute.

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