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Friday, March 10, 2017

Math Game for Division

While we have been working on multiplication in my group (modeling, reading about, and writing/drawing a "how-to" book), I like to bring in the concept of division at the same time. Children tend to think of addition as "easy" and subtraction as "hard" - and the same goes for multiplication and division. When taught together, and shown how they are related, students seem less intimidated. And, of course, if there is a game involved, all the better!

Here is a fun one we played on Thursday - and is easily played at home. It is called The Game of Leftovers".

You need: A partner
                 One die
                 15 markers
                 Six paper plates (or pieces of paper will do)

1. Take turns. On your turn, roll the die, take that number of paper plates, and divide the markers even between them. Keep any leftover markers.

2. Both players record the math sentence that describes what happened. For example, 15 divided by 4  = 3 R3. In front of each sentence write the initial of the person who rolled the die.

3. Return the markers before the next player takes a turn. In the example above, 12 markers would be left.

4. Play until all the markers are gone. Then figure your scores by counting how many tiles each of you has. The winner is the player with he most leftovers. Add your scores to make sure that they total the 15 markers you started with.

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