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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When I'm 100 ...

Today we had a fun writing prompt, in honor of the 100th day of school (which is tomorrow, March 1st, if I did my math right). First I read a beautiful picture book called Miss Rumphius. She had a lot of adventures in her life, including travel to exotic places, and making the world more beautiful by planting thousands of lupines. At the end of the book, she is "very, very old" and still living a good and useful life.

Then I gave each child a folded piece of paper with a surprise inside. I told them that when they opened the paper, they would definitely laugh - and of course, that made them determined NOT to. But - ha! The teacher got the last laugh as the room erupted in squeals of delight.

The student each got a picture of themselves, altered to look like they are very old. They were encouraged with several writing prompts - perhaps what would happen on their 100th birthday, or a page out of their diary when they are 100, or perhaps a list of all of their accomplishments.

Some finished pretty quickly, and others are works in progress. All are delightful! Here are a few examples:

Today I got up and had my first cup of tea. Then I went to a resort where a lot of other old people go. We play golf and drink water and eat carrots. Then I go to the old people hot tub. Then I go home. I sit in front of the fireplace and drink my second cut of tea. Then I go to bed. *yawn* zzzzzzzz

Today is my one hundredth b-day and I got my dream present - an ice cream truck with 100 flavors - 50 sorbets and 50 ice creams. I am having an ice cream cake for my birthday. We golf, eat apples, and I sit in the jacuzzi with my hairy chest and my friends and their hairy chests.

Today I turned one hundred and I had a cake for my birthday. I got pretty tired so I took a nap, but I missed my whole birthday! And then I died.

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