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Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring EBs Begin!

Not only was there the palpable excitement of coming back to school after a week-long break, but it was also the first day of our current 6-session EB! EBs (or Extension Block) classes are loved by teachers and children alike. It is so much fun to mingle and learn with children from different classes, and to explore a topic that there may not be time for in the normal school day. It is always a thrill for me to share my love of baking, crafting, and nature.

I didn't get around to the other EB offerings today, but children selected one of three classes. All students, from K-2, were busy making fresh pasta, making fun toys, or beginning to solve a crime! I'm sure your children will have lots to tell you.

In Pastabilities, my group started with a pasta shape identification challenge. They entered the room to find a tray filled with nine different shapes. Then I gave them labels with the Italian names, and they tried to match them up. They got just 2 correct - it was tough!

After that first attempt, I gave labels with both the Italian name AND the english translation. This really helped! Knowing that Campanelle means "bell" and Farfalle means "butterfly", led us to the correct bell-shaped and butterfly-shaped noodle.

After reading a story (Strega Nona, naturally!) it was time for part one of ravioli making. Today we made the dough, and on Wednesday we will roll out and fill (and cook and eat).

Look at these pasta makers in action! We watched a short video to learn the proper technique - piling a cup of 00 flour on a clean surface, making a volcano, and filling it with an egg. Then mixing the egg as if we were scrambling it, while gently adding a bit of flour as we go. Then kneading AND kneading AND kneading! Our arm muscles really got a work out today.

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