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Thursday, December 15, 2016

This Week in Review - December 12 - 16

This information also found in Walter's weekly email.

After a snowy snow-day start, we wasted no time in getting into a very active and exciting week. Mostly, our special projects this week have revolved around celebrating family and cultural traditions. We had three classroom parents visit to share a project, game, and/or story. Also, we had a big event happen on Thursday morning as we had our "Bake Sale for the Birdies" - a lot of preparation went into this fund-raiser, and a lot of learning, too. Best of all, we raised enough money to sponsor a raptor at the Leslie Science and Nature Center. 

In Science, we are finished with the animal habitat unit that Shan so thoughtfully planned.This week, we are doing a special experiment with candy canes (yum!).  In Math, my group has perfected their magic techniques and we booked out first "gigs" - we went to Jason's and Sam's math classes to amaze them with our mathemagical trick - the Make 10. 

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