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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bake Sale Preparation - Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Day!

We are nearly ready for the Birdie Bake Sale! We've researched raptors in general, and the raptors at Leslie Science and Nature Center specifically, made colorful posters, gave a school-wide presentation, and made lots and lots and lots of backyard bird treats. Proceeds will go to sponsor a raptor for a full year (we're hoping) - the children will vote for their choice at the end of the week. And then, in the spring, we'll go visit our raptor and make sure it is getting the very best care. The Leslie Science and Nature Center is a true gem in our community, and we are always happy to support it.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday, 12/15), I will be all set up and ready to sell. Children will help as they arrive at school. We hope to wrap up by math time, at 8:55a.m.

Many thanks to all the parents who donated their time this morning. You are all so appreciated.

Our Morning Presentation Last Friday

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