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Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Week in Review - November 9 - 11

This is a new weekly feature on this blog - a short "week in review". (This blurb will also be found in Walter's weekly Friday email.)

We have been using How to Be an Explorer of the World,  by Keri Smith, as inspiration for the past couple months. This week, we completed exploration #32 - Collect objects for their potential magic quality. Attach a story to them, or create a fictitious history about the object. Because we've been working on our "Steig Stories", this was a  great writing warm-up exercise (and an excuse for a walk in the woods). In math, we continued using base ten blocks in order to solve tricky place value puzzles, and are making good self-paced progress in the Singapore Math books. After attending a conference on mindfulness and meditation in schools, I started using some of the games in the section titled, "Appreciation". November is a perfect time to talk and learn about feeling and expressing gratitude. We started a new chapter book in honor of Andrew's new puppy: Because of Winn-Dixie. So far, the children are enjoying it very much.

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