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Thursday, November 17, 2016

This Week in Review - November 14 - 18

This information also found in weekly email from Walter:

Besides continuing our year-long literacy projects (memory pages, poetry anthology, Special Readers), we also read a lot from our chapter book, Because of Winn-Dixie. The children are finding it meditative to color some beautiful leaf placemats while I read. We also worked on our "Steig stories", and many children are really finding a voice to their writing. In math, we have been playing Place Value Yahtzee, which is a fun way of practicing place value skills with a partner or within a small group. There is a fair amount of strategy and luck involved as well. This week, groups of children were challenged to follow a recipe to make playdough, and we made many batches, with many different colors. This playdough was used the next day to recreate the continents on 3-D maps. The children then attempted to properly label each continent and ocean. Science lessons are revolving around animals, and animal habitats - what do they need to survive? Karl has been visiting our classroom to practice our part of the school-wide "Myths Around the World" play - it now seems like every child wants to take part, which is great!

Science Simulation Game - Bears in the Forest

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