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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Visit to the Library

Each year, the award-winning Ann Arbor District Library invites all second graders in Ann Arbor for a visit. This is a way to familiarize children to all the library has to offer - so much more than "just" books! The library rents everything from science materials to musical instruments to art work to books, audio books, cds, movies, and more. It also ensures that all children have access to their very own library card.

Usually, we go to the downtown main branch of the AADL. This year, however, to celebrate the recent reopening of the west branch, we went there instead. The children loved the selection of books, the cozy nooks, and - of course - the computer station. After a story, we took a "silent tour" of the lovely new spaces, and then were let loose to check out books, read, and explore.

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