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Friday, October 21, 2016

Science Lab

The children love Fridays, in part because it is our "Science with Shan" day. Shan always has a great experiment or two planned. Last week, they did an experiment using gummy worms (perhaps you've heard about it), and today they did something called "Tie-Dyed Milk". Donning their special safety goggles and aprons, the young scientists got to work.

Shan posed the question for us: "I wonder what will happen when I have milk on a plate, add three drops of food coloring, then put a Q-Tip with soap on it in the center for 5 seconds?" Children wrote or drew what they thought would happen (their hypothesis), and then wrote down the procedure they would follow to test their theories.

They loved seeing what happened, and we heard children exclaim, "I want to do this again!" and "I think I can do this at home, too!" And, indeed, all you need is milk, food color, Q-Tip (or similar), and dish soap. Try it!

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