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Friday, October 21, 2016

A Soggy Science/Nature Walk with Kelsey

Each year, we go on three trips with a naturalist through County Farm Park. Through her eyes, we see our beloved and familiar park in a different, and deeper, way.

Kelsey wanted to show us signs of Fall, and also ways to differentiate between things that look the same at first glance, but are actually very different. For instance, the children now all know how to tell what red berry is good to eat (the autumn olive) and not good to eat (the honeysuckle berry). The shimmering under-leaves of one tells our young explorers that they have found the autumn olive. 

We will meet up with Kelsey two more times this school year - once in the winter (c'mon snow!) and once in the springtime. Each time we go to our beautiful woods, we learn something new, and are filled with the wonder of nature. 

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