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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Special Readers - Mark Your Calendars

It has been a tradition for many years now to have a weekly event called, "Special Readers". This year, it will take place each Thursday morning, right before lunch. Two children will come prepared to read a special book aloud to their classmates. This book should be picked out at home and practiced several times for increased fluency and expression. Shorter, funny picture books are the most popular with audience members, although children have also had success reading joke/riddle books, short mystery stories, poetry, and other types of literature.

Not only does this time give the readers a chance to become better readers, it also gives the rest of the class a chance to practice being good audience members. We are learning to listen with not only our ears, but with our eyes, mouths, and hearts.

This week, we will hear from two excellent readers, Andrew and Femi. They will set the tone and model excellent reading style - appropriate volume and speed, showing pictures, and reading with expression. Here is the roster for the first go-round:

September 22 - Andrew and Femi
September 29 - Isaya and Leland
October 13 - Mila and Mia
October 20 - Lexi and Dillon
October 27 - August and Andrew

Parents, of course, are welcome to be in the audience as well.

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