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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AADL - Traverwood Branch

Ann Arborites are so lucky to have such a vast and wonderful public library system. Each branch has its own unique feeling and vibe. We will be heading to each branch of the library throughout the year, to explore what they have to offer. We will also go on our annual hosted library trip soon, where a librarian will give us a tour, and we will learn about all the materials available for check out. If your child does not yet have a library card, this future guided trip will be a good time to get one (details forthcoming).

This morning, our team of literary explorers went to the Traverwood Branch. This was a branch named by a few children as their "home" library. Isaya knew just where to go when we walked through the front door. First children looked at books, and picked just one for me to check out. These books will be kept in a special place in the classroom - they will not be taken home. I also checked out a bundle of books/DVDs/materials all about mapping. We will enjoy these materials in the weeks to come as part of our social studies curriculum.

After looking at books for a while, most children wanted to check out the educational games on the computers.

Many thanks to Mia's mom, Sheryl, for helping me with this trip, and also for taking these sweet pictures!

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