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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Play Password - by GUEST BLOGGER ISAYA!

I’m Isaya, and I’m going to tell you about a game called Password.


1.   Two kids sit on a chair.
2.   We give them hints.
3.   If they guess the word, the person goes up who said the word.
4.   Do not peek at the word, ok? Ok.
5.   It is ok if you accidentally say the word, but try not to.

I hope you have fun playing it and learning it!


Susan said...

Well done, Isaya! Password is one of my favorite games to play with you all. Nice job on your first blog post.

Felix Kabo said...

Hi Isaya,
Thanks a lot for sharing with us about Password. Sounds like a very fun game and I hope you and I can play the game some time. Love you!
Felix (Dad)

Jon said...

Great post, Isaya. I love this game concept. Maybe we can play this together next time I see you. Thanks for sharing this, and great job explaining this game so clearly and effectively.

Valenta said...

I'm so proud of you bud! Password sounds like a great game. It kind of reminds me of a much older game called Taboo. Guessing games can be great fun. Maybe we can play it together sometime. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Prochnow said...

This sounds like a super fun game, Isaya! Thanks for writing about it. I will see if Max and I can play with his brother, Mason. Nicely done!
Karen Prochnow

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Isaya! Thanks for sharing your love of Password with us all. I feel like now I, too will know how to play and can even play it over summer vacation with Andrew and Juliana. It sounds like so much fun. Well done and congratulations on your first blog post!

Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Linda Young said...

Nice job Isaya. Now I know how to play, thanks to your instructions. I may try this at home with lily and Sean.

Hyun-Ju Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this game, Isaya! I will try it with Danny and Joey~~~ Excellent job!


Heather Halabu said...

So fun! I used to watch reruns of the old TV game show "Password" with my dad, when I was a kid! I would love to play this game with your class sometime. You are a super writer, Isaya!

-Heather (Marcel's mom)

Uncle Vinnie said...

Isaya this is pretty cool. I'm proud of how well you did explaining the rules of engagement. I hope that you Liam and Aiden will get to play "password" soon. Good job nephew. Love you!!
Uncle Vinnie (the godfather)

Patrick & Maya said...

This is a great blog Isaya! I think you wrote it really clear and good. (Maya says).

What a great idea to share a game! Thanks! (Patrick)

Julie K said...

Isaya, you did a great job. We are so proud of you.

Aunt Julie

Julie K said...

Isaya, we are so proud of your writing. You did a great job
Aunt Julie

Ruth Barasa said...

Hi Isaya,
Great job! I'm proud of how you took time to clearly explain the game. It sounds really fu! Maybe next time I come over for a visit we can play it together.
Love you
Auntie Ruth (godmum)

Ruth Barasa said...

Great job Isaya! A great 1st blog! You made it easy to understand the game. It sounds like a really fun game. Maybe next time I come over for a visit we can play it. Super proud of you dear! Keep at it, you're blogging well.
Love you, god-mum Ruth

Clova Hardiman said...

It can be very difficult to explain the rules of a game in a blog. You did a great job and I am so proud of you.

Bill Hardiman said...

Great blog Isaya! Password is a fun game and educational too!
love you,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Isaya,

I so love the way you taught us how to play Password. It sure helps to learn in clear steps, 1, 2, 3, etc. I remember the first time I played it at school--many of the other kids had played before, but I hadn't and was so confused! If only I'd had your clear and joyful instructions. Thanks so much!

from Elizabeth, Sena's mom