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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Final Snack Roster of 2015-2016 School Year - Mark Your Calendars!

Here is the snack roster for the next several months. Thank you for providing such healthy snacks for our children.

Please remember to check labels. We have severely allergic children in our school, and often seemingly "safe" foods will have labels that say "may contain peanuts or tree nuts", or "processed in a facility that also processes nuts". This is why I strongly recommend having fruits and vegetables whenever possible. There are also some companies that manufacture food in a completely safe way.

Also, we cannot serve snacks to children with allergies that are prepared at home. It's lovely to bring in homemade banana bread, for example, but since we cannot guarantee that accidental cross contamination did not occur, we err on the side of caution. We usually have stashes of "safe" food for just such an occasion. For birthday treats and the like, all-juice fruit pops are always well-received, and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Spenser       March 14 - 18
Maya            March 21 - 25
Marcel          March 28 - March 31
Max              April 11 - 15
Andrew         April 18 - 22
Isaya            April 25 - 29
Leland          May 2 - 5
Femi             May 9 - 13
Amelie          May 16 - 20
Jiaqi              May 23 - 27
Marann         May 31 - June 3
Sena             June 6 - June 10
Leftovers       June 13 - 15

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