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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Drums in Music Class - by Guest Blogger Leland!

I like the drums because drums are fun. 
Drums are loud.  
Drums are awesome.

Drums are loud because of vibration. 
Vibration is air bouncing.  
I like drums. 
The drums are in the music room.          


Susan said...

Hi Leland! How exciting, your first published piece! I have enjoyed seeing you increase your skills this year - you will be a famous author/illustrator one day, maybe. And I look forward to hearing you play the drums soon. My son played the drums for years, and now we are stuck with a big drum set at our house! Love, Ms. Carpenter

A2HelloKitty said...

Hi Leland! I did not know that you liked the drums so much! I am glad you are getting to play them at school and learning all about vibration, reading, and blogging! Love ya, kiddo. xoxo Mom


Kevin Kubarych said...

So cool Leland! Amelie also likes to play the drums!

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Leland! I didn't know that you loved the drums so much!Thank you for teaching us all a bit about how they work. I can't wait to read more from you in the future. Love, Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Imogen Giles said...

I enjoyed reading your very lively and suitably rhythmic post, Leland. Congratualtions! Madame

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Leland, what a cool drum poem and photo of you at the drums. I sure do like your way with words--the way you put words together and the interesting things you tell, such as: "Vibration is air bouncing" and "I like drums." I'm imagining you playing the drums along with the words in your blog post--they go together so well. (The Summers-Knoll music room is a very magical place, don't you think?) Thanks for telling us about drums.

From Sena's mom, Elizabeth

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

Congratulations on publishing your blog post! I love the drums also. When I read your post it felt like I could hear the drums thumping. Awesome!

Karen Prochnow said...

Terrific blog post, Leland! Very informative and well written! I look forward to your next writing endeavor (and maybe be lucky enough to hear you play the drums one day)! Best wishes, Karen (Max's mom)

Linda Young said...

Hi Leland,
I think it is so cool that you love the drums. Our 16 year old has been playing for years and really enjoys it.
The way you wrote your blog gave me the feel of drums playing. That is terrific. Keep up your writing and drumming!
Linda (Sean and Lily's mom)

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Leland! I loved your post. I can hear your enthusiastic voice come through! Marcel loves drums too. :)

Great work!

Valenta said...

Hi Leland,
Thanks for sharing your love of drums! I enjoyed reading your post. I think it's great that you know how to play drums, and also know about some of the science behind the sound that they make! Isaya really enjoys the drums also.


Felix Kabo said...

Hi Leland,
Enjoyed reading your very catchy and informative post on drums, sound, and vibrations. Drum on!

Shun Han said...

I like the vibration part! - from Jiajia