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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Story Giant

From the front cover panel:

The Story Giant has spent centuries gathering every story ever known to human kind. But one story is missing - a story that has eluded him for thousands of years. Around his remote moorland castle he has woven an illusion of ruins to protect himself from prying eyes of mortals. But if the Story Giant cannot find the missing story before the night's end, both he and the castle will crumble to dust and all stories will be lost forever.

Can you see why this was picked as our next chapter book? We've read only the first chapter so far, in which we are introduced to four children from four different parts of the world. They have dreamed their way into the castle all on the same night. The giant realizes that perhaps they have the key to finding the lost story. They will take turns telling stories and folktales that they know, from their very different backgrounds. In this way, "the children learn something about the nature of stories, and about themselves".

This book is one of many we have read, and will continue to read, that strengthens the theme of identity - learning about ourselves through stories and shared experiences.

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