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Friday, February 5, 2016

A VERY Successful Flea Market

Flea Market day may be the most anticipated day of the school year - I even heard reports of children not being able to sleep last night because of the excitement of it all. Who knew math could be such fun?

After days of bringing in treasures and pricing each item between a penny and a quarter, this morning it was finally time to shop. Children added up their purchases, and told the cashiers how much change they needed from a dollar.

I was feeling sick this morning, so I had to leave. Luckily, good ol' Irma knew the ropes and I wasn't even missed.This year, Flo was not able to come help, but Trixie was! Thanks to all the parents who helped - Jill, Jennifer, and Stacyee. Pat, Elaine's classroom everyday helper, was also busy at a cash register.

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