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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guest Blogger - Marann! All About Quiet Reading

Hi, I’m Marann. There are lots of times I like about the day, but I picked Quiet Reading.

Usually we take our pillows and read for a half an hour. Five kids get to bring their pillows and sit on the couch. Some people take their pillows and lay on the floor. Sometimes you can read with a buddy. Every day Ms. C. chooses one or two people and sometimes tests you on a word sheet. How that works is there’s a sheet of words and she asks us to read it. If you don’t know what the word is you can say ‘’skip’’. After you’re done you read her a story. In the end she asks you some questions about the story and you try to answer the questions. Also, she will just read with you the book you are reading. Sometimes people bring books from home. Four people can go and get headphones and pick a book on tape. Sometimes when it’s unplugged it gets really loud. Even if it’s plugged in you can still hear it.

Every Friday Ms. C puts blankets on the desks and people get flashlights and their pillows and read under the blankets. 
Here are some books that people are reading or have read. Harry Potter, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dr. Seuss, Tintin, and Dominic.

I hope you like this post. I’ll be doing more this year.


Susan said...

I wanted to be the first to leave a comment. Well done, Marann! You have come a long way as a writer this year, and I look forward to much more of your work. You write in a lovely natural way. Thank you for being our first guest blogger!

Ronald Buckanovich said...

Hi Marann-- I loved the post. I really understand how quiet reading time works a whole lot better than I did before. It definitely sounds a lot more active and fun than I had imagined. Great photos too, showing all the different angles of kids reading. Cant wait to read more.

Joanna Hastings said...

I love reading in a blanket fort with a flashlight. When I was a child I had a special spot behind the drapes in my parents' living room. It was like a tiny room. No one could tell I was there. I sat there with a flashlight and read for hours sometimes. Thank you for reminding me!

Elizabeth said...

What a pleasure to read your post, Marann. It's so nice to get such a full picture of what Quiet Reading is like. You gave us so many details--reading on pillows, books that are read, even how loud the audio player can get--not to mention great pictures. Thanks for your delightful post. I'm sure glad you'll be writing more of them this year.

Cindy Marek said...

Hi Marann,
It is nice to hear what you are doing during your day. I really like that sometimes people sit on the floor. Reading is healthy for your brain and sitting on the floor is healthy for your body. Do you have discussions with your classmates about books you like? When someone brings a book from home and it looks and sounds like a god book, do you get an itch to read their book? Your blog post is very nice and makes me wish I was a kid on the floor reading a book!

Kelly Marek said...

Marann, what an interesting blog post! I especially enjoyed reading about the blanket forts. They sounds like such a fun way to read! Quiet Reading time sounds very exciting. I can't wait to hear more about the books you are reading at school! - Kelly

Amita said...

Hi Marann, Lovely post! It sounds like the quite reading time is very nicely organized with great books and great activities. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to us.


Karen Prochnow said...

Terrific blog post, Marann. You provided a lot of detail and painted a wonderful picture in words of how quiet reading is conducted. Thank you so much! (And great pictures, too!)


Pam LeBlanc said...

Dear Marann
I am tickled w/ your first Published Blog. Including photography to accompany your writing is a good way to grab your audience.
I can hear your edited writing. Of course, I absolutely love your photographic eye. Each of the five images supports what you say w/ words. Your photography is crisp, clean, creative and inviting. Bravo to you. Can't wait to read and see more. Pam, Next Door

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

I love this post! I can just feel what its like to cozy up with a book in Ms. C's room. I would choose the couch I think. Perhaps adults should have a quiet reading time at work too. I wonder whether my boss would get us a couch and flashlights.

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Marann! You are an excellent writer and should be very proud of yourself! I loved your photos, and also loved hearing some of the titles of the books you and your classmates are currently reading. Fridays sound especially fun! I hope to come visit during quiet reading time one day!

Heather (Marcel's mom)

Deb Schweizer said...

Marann: Your blog paints such a wonderful picture. It sounds like a safe place to find a cozy, quiet time. I loved the photos as well; it looks like you have a fun classroom. I wish I had quite time for reading during my day.

Deb Schweizer

Linda Young said...

Marann, thank you for writing such an excellent blog. Now I have a better idea of what reading time is like in your wonderful classroom. It also gives me the idea of taking a flashlight and book under a blanket in the middle of my work day. I think I'll try it. I am looking forward to reading many blogs. I wonder if Sean will write about Pokemon. I look forward to reading more blogs from you in the future.

Lara Brown said...

Hi Marann,
What a delightful blog. I am very impressed, your lovely descriptions and well done photos made me want to participate in Quite Reading. It was fun to learn about one of the activities you do at school. It even motivated me, I'm off to get a blanket and read on our couch! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs in the future.

John Wakeman said...

Hello there Marann. Nice to know you are such a good writer, and enjoy reading! I think if I were in your class I would have chosen to write about silent reading also. Today I was reading the second book in a series I have been enjoying. Mateo was a bit noisy so I put on some headphones just like your fellow students! I listened to soothing jungle sounds and drifted off into the story as I read. What a joy!
Keep up the good work at school. Can't wait to hear more about it next Monday.
Warmly, John Wakeman

Felicia Reindl said...

This is fun and your description is so detailed I can imagine your classroom during quiet time.
Love from your Proud Grandma in Sheboygan

Kevin Kubarych said...

Hey Marann, that was an awesome post! I definitely didn't know about the blanket reading, what a fun, sneaky way to read! One time when I was young I was reading in my room, but my lamp was too bright, so I covered it with a towel so my mom wouldn't know I was reading instead of sleeping. Guess what happened? The light bulb was hot enough that it started to burn the towel, and my mom smelled it. I was busted!

Valenta said...

Hi Marann,
This is a delightful post. I feel I have a much better understanding of quiet reading. It sounds like a lot can happen during that time, and perhaps not all of it is quiet :) I also like the idea of reading with a flashlight under a blanket.


Felix Kabo said...

Hi Marann,
Great post! I think you've done a great job of capturing and describing quiet reading time...sounds like a great experience. I also liked your observation on headphones. Amazing how one can hear just about everything that the 'plugged in' person is listening to. Looking forward to your next post!

Chris R said...

Hi Marann,
We loved your blog post. I liked the way you developed your story, with excellent description and imagery. I am very happy that you like to read, and that you read so well. Your mom was also a very good reader when she was your age, but I think you are a better writer than she was at the same age. We are looking forward to reading more from about your class and the school. Grandpa Chris

Rachel Goldberg said...

Dear Marann,

I loved your description of quiet reading. I know how much you and your friends enjoy reading and I love seeing you all spread out throughout your room and the library. Thank you for writing such a great blog post. -- Rachel