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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharing Traditions Day, 2015

This morning was lovely. We started by having a record number of parents/grandparents join us for morning mindfulness. It remains such a special way to start our day. We listened to one of my favorites, "the secret of the heart chamber". It is certainly my favorite morning tradition, all year 'round. Click the link if interested, or if you just need a little boost.

Four children came in to share a cultural or family tradition with the rest of us. Isaya and his father shared a traditional song often sung at celebratory times in Kenya. It was a call and response song in Swahili, called Jambo Bwana. You can click on the link to hear it (you must do this directly from this blog).

Then Jiajia shared a traditional outfit that is worn on very special occasions in Korea. Her mom told us a story of Chinese New Year, and how we must display the color red and have loud noises in order to keep us safe from evil. We made paper firecrackers that look very pretty hanging in our room, and now we can rest assured all will be well.

Maya did an excellent job teaching us to make a balloon with origami paper. I was very excited - this is one of the few things I can now make! 

And, finally, what could be a better end to a sweet and fun morning than milk and cookies? Marcel brought in some peppermint sandwich cookies, special napkins, plates, and cups, and plenty of cold milk. 

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