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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Birdie Bake Sale Preparation

Many thanks to a great group of parents who came together to work with the kids this afternoon. Stacyee, Karen, Ron, and Elizabeth were up to their elbows in birdseed and Crisco, smiling all the while. They threaded needles, kept cereal eating to a minimum, and made lots of treats. Thanks also to sweet Spencer who loaned us her room. We tried to keep it super clean, and I think it is only slightly greasier than what it was before.

This has been a great project, and it isn't over yet! Tomorrow we will make some money, then tackle the hard job of picking a raptor to sponsor at LSNC. We will research the raptor we select, dissect owl pellets to learn about the food chain, and in the spring go visit "our" raptor. Mostly, we will learn that while we might not be able to change the WHOLE world, but we can make a real difference for at least one wounded and precious animal.

Bake Sale Thursday, December 17th, 7:30a.m.- 8:45a.m. We WILL sell out, so come early for the best selection.
Cranberry and popcorn chains

Cereal garland 

Seeded pinecones

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