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Friday, November 20, 2015

Water, Water, Everywhere - Our Science Field Trip

This morning the combined first and second grade classes loaded the buses and took off to the UM Natural History Museum. We took part in an excellent and very thoughtful field trip about our most precious resource, water.

While there, the children participated in many different activities while visiting stations on every floor. There were many student-docents there to lead us on our journey. It was remarkable how varied each station was - we built terrariums, saw a puppet play about the water cycle, built a whole community using a water table (to learn about run-off pollution), examined whale teeth and baleen, and much, much more. Each child had a packet of information to read and write/draw in.

This was one of the longer (and more expensive) field trips we've been on, but it was well worth it. The children were absolutely riveted and engaged throughout the morning, and I know they learned a lot.

I do feel that we now need to plan another field trip to this great resource in order to see some of the animal and dinosaur exhibits. Again, I marvel at how lucky we are to live in Ann Arbor, home of so many wonders for children.

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