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Monday, November 16, 2015


Today, after our usual quiet reading time, I am going to teach (or re-teach) the game of Password. My childhood was filled with t.v. games shows, and Password was one of my favorites.

The way this game is modified for classroom use is pretty simple. I choose two children to be our first "contestants" and they sit in two chairs facing the rest of the students. I write the secret word on a white board, and show the audience what the word is. Only the contestants cannot see the word. They take turns calling on audience members to give one word clues, just like on the t.v. show. Once the word is guessed, the person who gave that last clue becomes ones of the contestants, joining the child who correctly guessed the word. The other child sits down.

This is a great game for reviewing what we've been learning, or what our current chapter book is about, or simply to have fun with words.

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