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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lovely Libraries

We are so lucky to live in a city with such beautiful public libraries. We frequent the Malletts Creek branch the most, as it is so close to our school - just 5 minutes, and we're there. This year's FIRST library trip, however, will be the gorgeous downtown branch.

We will be heading there on Wednesday afternoon, October 21 for a program designed for second graders. A librarian will be there to give a tour of all the amazing things you can get from a library (hint: books are just the beginning!), and to read a story. Children will be given the chance to get a library card if they do not already have one. I will be sending an email with this information soon.

We are also lucky to have a beautiful library here at school. I love the fact that our classroom enters into this welcoming and lovely spot. Clarice the dragon and the library tiger are both found gently presiding over the action. Although it is on the small side, we have a nicely curated selection of books.

We will start having a weekly library time starting 10/14/15. Ianna, mom of Leland, will be our classroom librarian. She will read a story and assist children in checking out books. Please bring your plastic library bags each Wednesday.

I recently heard some very good reasons for parents (and teachers) to continue taking children to the library, even in the age of mobile screens with information/entertainment on demand. They include:

* regular library time leads to more reading (go figure!)
* you expose your child to more reading material than you can afford to buy
* the librarian can recommend books you may not even know exist
* activities abound - libraries have many children's programs
* owning a library card can teach children to take care of things that belong to others; to be responsible

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