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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Field Trip to Jo-Ann Fabric Store

This morning, both first and second grade classes boarded the buses and headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics. Each child got to pick their very favorite fleece fabric, ask the slightly stressed fabric cutters for "1/2 yard, please!", and take their cloth back to school to use in our second sewing project of the year. We had the children guess how much all that fabric, stuffing, and thread costs - and they were very close! We came just under $100.00 ($99.97, to be exact), which wasn't bad for 25 students. Thank goodness for teacher discounts and good sales!

Tomorrow morning, I hope to lug my big machine in, and we will get busy sewing. Each child will learn the basics of machine sewing, and will sew a big rectangular pillow - leaving about six inches open for stuffing. Then our new hand sewing skills will be used to close up the gap.

These pillows will be used all year for quiet reading time. It makes a cozy experience even more cozy.

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