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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ann Arbor Farmers Market Field Trip/Scavenger Hunt

This morning was picture perfect for a scavenger hunt at the farmers market. This is one of my favorite places to go - and I love being able to go on Wednesday mornings during summer instead of battling the crowds on Saturday. It wasn't too crowded this morning, and the vendors were all very sweet and patient. Some vendors were asked questions, like, "How many eggs does a chicken lay each day?" and "How many bees does it take to make a pound of honey?" and "Do you use spray on your apples?" The children conducted themselves nicely during this activity, and I'm sure the farmers were more than happy to talk to them.

We all completed the form - all 16 squares - and then went to the cozy little courtyard to enjoy fresh apples for snack. Many thanks to the parent volunteers, each of whom took a small group around - Elizabeth, Stacyee, Ianna, and Brad.

On the way out of the market I bumped into a woman who had a child in my first/second grade class many years ago. The child is now a junior in high school, and doing very well. I hope she remembers the sweet times at S-K, taking field trips into the wider community, drinking in the sounds, sights, and wonderful smells. Our children are SO lucky.

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