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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Probability Work in Math Class

In math class, we are currently beginning a new unit – data collection and probability! Of course, we will continue our Singapore math work and are still working hard in memorizing our multiplication facts – but I also want to encourage students to collect real, meaningful data, organize that data and analyze the data to draw conclusions and explain what they have learned.

We start with some one-die toss investigations, and will move onto two-dice next week. These investigations encourage students to apply mathematical analysis to real-life data and/or applications in order to investigate problems or issues.

Here are some of the students racing ladybugs, collecting data, and sharing their data on the board. In the next couple weeks, we will be doing a sampling simulation when the president of Cheerios needs our help to determine how many boxes of cereal parents will need to buy if children want to collect all of the different toys inside.

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