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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Simile Name Rainbows

As we look forward to May, our theme is "reflections". I'm going to concentrate our studies on the science and beauty of rainbows. To start us off, we are currently working on our simile name rainbows. Take a look at the first few that are finished - so cute!

This has been a great way to learn about parts of speech and expressions. Children are learning about nouns and adjectives, as well as what a simile is. We were amazed to realize how many similes we were already familiar with - how many times have I urged students to be "quick as a bunny!" as we get ready to go someplace?

Taking the letters that make up their first name, we were challenged to come up with a simile. Inspiration came from the children's book, Quick as a Cricket. 

Here are some of the finished projects. If you want a closer look, please visit our classroom!

My favorite so far? The T in Etienne is "As TIRED as a teacher". How did he know?

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