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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mealworms - The Journey of a Beetle from Larva to Adult

This afternoon was long anticipated by some of my returning 2nd graders. They remember this project fondly from last year, and couldn't wait to do it again. Each child will be raising two mealworms from the larval stage to the adult stage (darkling beetle).

First we had to prepare our habitats. The mealworms will be kept (I hope) in see-through plastic containers. The students had to prepare the containers by poking holes in the lids, so the mealworms could breathe.

Then we put a layer of oatmeal in the containers. This will serve as food. We may add apple chunks in the near future as a way of giving the mealworms some moisture.

Children did some careful observations, using nearly all of their senses. We described how the mealworm looked, smelled, felt, and sounded. Detailed drawings were done. Students saw that the mealworm has a segmented body, a tiny antennae, was brown in color, and about an inch long. Some thought it smelled like oatmeal, others like vanilla. One child described the smell simply as "fresh bug".

Over the next weeks, we will continue to raise our mealworms. It is always HUGELY exciting when changes occur, and we see the pupa and finally the adult beetles.

Beetles will be sent home after they are hatched, where they can be enjoyed by students and parents alike, for months to come. You're welcome.

Listening carefully for any sounds

Some observations

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