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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Egg Dropping Continues in Science

The students have been having such fun in Science class on Thursdays, taking several weeks to explore different ways of making contraptions that would keep eggs safe from breaking (and to learn more about Newton's Laws of Motion, gravity, and inertia).

Last week, they were challenged to use a wide variety of materials in order to make a super-safe carrier, and then we tested them outside on the play structure. Some made it, others met their demise (eggs, that is).

This week, Shan added some different challenges. Each pair of children were given very limited materials (10 straws, 15 popsicle sticks, and 1 meter of tape) and limited time (just 15 minutes) to try to create a carrier for their egg. Next week, we will see if any of them work!

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