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Monday, February 9, 2015

Flea Market Math a Resounding Success!

This morning, children came to school with great excitement ... finally, Flea Market Day! Each child had a dollar to spend on the items we have been collecting. This was the culminating event following a short unit on money in math class. Children practiced counting change and making change this morning, in a very real and extremely fun way.

Here are a few pictures to document the fun:

Irma and Flo were back to lead the flea market. It is always a pleasure to host these very fine and sassy ladies.

Each child got a turn to pick ONE special item at first. Names were drawn to keep it fair.

Becky and Karen were stationed by one of the cash boxes, and helped children figure out how much was owed. Then they got to spend the rest of their money until it was gone.

The popular penny table

Here's another helper - Jill came to take money and give change.

We even got to briefly play with a toy or two, after the shopping was done.

Success! We shopped 'til we (nearly) dropped!

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