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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over and Under the Snow - Journeys at County Farm Park with Faye

We went on our annual winter nature walk with naturalist Faye Stoner. As usual, Faye was sure to ask about our theme, and had arranged lovely learning activities -- all with "journeys" in mind.  And, as usual, the children spent a very happy hour working and playing in our very special park. Faye is a local treasure, and we are so thankful she is in our lives.

We were given two kinds of maps of the County Farm Park area, and used both to find our way to some landmarks. We will be doing much more map reading soon, and this was a perfect introduction.

The first marker was pretty easy to find, but gave us some practice in using directions. Onward!

Faye arranged for us to find several examples of birds and animals that go on their own journeys - some migrate many thousand miles away! We found tracks of many smaller animals who have stayed in the park, but journey over and under the snow.

Speaking of which, here is the book I read Tuesday as a "teaser" for this trip. It's truly beautiful and highly recommended.

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