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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Family Traditions - Please Share!

The last week before the winter break is reserved for us to enjoy winter/holiday traditions. There are many reasons it is important for children (even when they get older) to create and keep traditions, including: 

·      Holiday traditions are touchstones that happen every year no matter what else has happened. This helps children feel secure and grounded.
·      Traditions involve children helping with tasks (decorating cookies, helping pick out a tree, lighting candles, etc.) and increase their feeling of industry and usefulness.
·      Holiday traditions are a natural way for children about family values, and provide a sense of identity and family roles.
·      Traditions often revolve around helping others, or being generous with time and other gifts.

Please consider giving the gift of your time! You can check out just a few traditions other families in past years have shared here and here and here.

Monday, December 15th, will be our family tradition sharing day this year. Morning (10:30 - 11:30, or any part of the hour) and afternoon (12:30 - 2:30, any part) times are available. 

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