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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Much Loved

We are getting deep into our Much Loved project. The children have talked about their favorite stuffed "things", where they got them, whether they sleep with them, how old they are, etc. They were challenged to draw them a couple days ago, and it was amazing how close many of them got to the real thing.

Today, students were allowed to bring their "stuffies" to school. For the most part, they have been well-behaved stuffies, but they did get a little rowdy this afternoon. I guess they were just excited to see where their favorite kid gets to go to school.

Each child took a picture of their Much Loved object today, and I also took a picture of them together. Next, we will be doing some writing, paying particular attention to interesting adjectives and adding lots of details. Some may choose to write a story as if their animal is alive, we'll see!

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