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Monday, May 5, 2014

EBs Start - Spring Session

Students were thrilled to learn that this morning was the start of EBs! This time, there were 4 great choices - Project Wild with Shan, Seeing with Special Eyes with Val, The Art of the Garden with Elaine, and It's DAHLicious, with me.

The Dahlicious EB began with us each telling who our favorite author is. Of course, the children already knew who I was going to say! I've had a love affair with Roald Dahl since I discovered him after my son was born.

I read a selection from The BFG. As I told the children, in Giant Country, the bad giants eat human "beans", but the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) refuses to do so. Because of this, he has to eat the only crop grown there, the horrible snozzcumber.

As you can see by the picture, it IS rather repulsive. We decided we could make snozzcumbers that actually tasted good! Here's the recipe we used:

Serves 8 - 16

4 large cucumbers
tuna salad

A little mayonnaise
Poppy seeds

1.  Peel cucumbers and with the pointed end of the vegetable peeler, cut several grooves down the length of each. Carefully scoop out little holes at random between the grooves.

2.  Cut off ends of the cucumbers about 1½ inches from each end.

3.  Hollow out the seeds using a melon scoop. Then stand each cucumber in a tall glass and allow the excess liquids to drain (about 30 minutes) - (I did this part first thing this morning - it's tricky.)

4.  Make tuna salad or use cream cheese to fill the cucumbers, using a teaspoon. (We made tuna salad.)

5.  Paint a little mayo in the grooves and carefully fill the grooves with poppy seeds. Put a little mayo in the holes and then place a small piece of popcorn in each hole.

6.  Replace the cucumber ends, slice, and eat!

And, of course, here are the delighted students making their own creations. We peeled cucumbers, made tuna salad, stuffed the cukes, and decorated them with poppy seeds and cheesy popcorn.

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