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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Installation Begins/Martin Cheek Visits

The day has finally arrived. Thanks to Pearl's parents, Paul and Paula, our school has the supreme honor of hosting Martin Cheek, a mosaic artist from England. He and another artist from the west side of Michigan, Molly, along with Maia's mom, Maggie, have been busy all morning installing the Summers-Knoll dragon.

On Thursday, the first and second graders will have a lesson in mosaics, and will each make a dragon egg. These eggs will become part of the art piece as well, and, I imagine, will be here as long as there is a Summers-Knoll at this location. History!

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Molly Moblo Perusse said...

Hi Susan. Great pictures and it was so great to spend time in your amazing school last week. Thanks for being so inviting. Keep up the great work with your visionary school. Molly Moblo Perusse from Aworkofartstudio.com