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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flea Market Math - a Big Success!

Our annual Flea Market Math activity was held on Friday, and it was as much fun as ever. It was the culmination of our hard work learning more about money. In our math class, the students practiced counting mixed piles of change, making change from a dollar, and adding and subtracting columns of money, using proper dollar notation.

We spent a bit of time each math class this week sorting and pricing objects brought in from home. Everything was priced between 1 cent and 25 cents. On Friday morning, Elaine and I (with some student helpers) placed all goodies on tables in the lunch room. Then, at math time, Elaine and I left, and were replaced by two strange but cheery ladies, Irma and Flo, and shopping began. Depending on their math level, students needed to add up purchases and/or tell the women at check-out stations how much change they had coming back. Many, many thanks to Stacyee and Gabrielle who helped with the cash registers.

Irma and Flo took a "selfie" with the camera I left

Nearing the end - once-full tables are almost empty

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