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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lumpia - A Filipino Dish - Celebrating Culture and a Birthday!

Last week, Olivia celebrated her birthday with us. She turned 8 years old. Her parents asked if they could bring in a treat, and of course the answer was yes. Since we are also celebrating all sorts of cultural and family traditions as part of Identity Month, her parents brought in a special regional dish from the Philippines. The students had fried rice, lumpia (a filipino egg roll), and a soy garlic sauce for dipping. They practically licked their plates clean.

Olivia's mom also talked about how rice is an integral part of their filipino diet - and described their huge rice bin at home. Other students in the classroom mentioned that they also have rice often. It reminded me of the book, Everyone Cooks Rice (I'll have to find a copy and bring it in).

This is the space where I should have a picture of the delicious food. However, I can only offer you a picture of the remains:

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