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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Field Trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

As we were lining up, getting ready to load the bus for the field trip, Elaine reviewed safety and manners rules. She also asked the children that since we were going to a fabric store during math class, could they think of how math might relate? How is this an example of "real life math"?

Children mentioned measurement, fractions (difference between 1/2 yard and 1/4 yard, for example), and money (including making change). I added that Elaine and I also do a some estimating, another important math skill, when trying to figure out how much stuffing to buy. We will be doing ALL of these things in math class, starting next week.

The women who work at Jo-Ann Fabric admitted that when they saw nearly 30 people walk through the doors (27 of them small children), they had the same thought: "oh, oh." But when we left, each one remarked that our group was delightful, patient, and very polite.

Each child got to pick their favorite fabric, ask for "half a yard, please!", and then stand it line to give their ticket to the check-out person. It was a very successful field trip. Thanks go to Paul Lee for meeting us there, and for taking the following pictures.

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